Recomposed by Max Richter – Vivaldi: The Four Seasons (2012) Deutsche Grammophon

Max Richter vette a bátorságot és újraálmodta, mai szóhasználattal élve remixelte a Négy évszakot. Daniel Hope szóló hegedül, aki a mai kor egyik legtehetségesebb hegedűművésze.

The album is a collaboration between Max Richter, Daniel Hope, the Konzerthaus Kammerorchester Berlin symphony orchestra, and André de Ridder.

German-born British composer and pianist, Richter is a musician used to challenges. The most recent of which was to recompose Antonio Vivaldi’s hugely popular “Four Seasons”, in collaboration with German label Deutsche Grammophon: A very personal retreatment that allows the listener to recognize the original piece but at the same time, enjoy it in a completely new and surprising light, transporting you to an unknown sonic territory. On this occasion Richter will be accompanied by instrumental group bcn216 (resident of L’Auditori de Barcelona) to bring at Teatre CCCB his subtle and individual re-adaptation of Vivaldi’s creation ‘live’. He has reconfigured the body of work by removing a number of notes, reorganizing certain passages and adding seductive electronic arrangements.

01. Spring 0
02. Spring 1
03. Spring 2
04. Spring 3
05. Summer 1
06. Summer 2
07. Summer 3
08. Autumn 1
09. Autumn 2
10. Autumn 3
11. Winter 1
12. Winter 2
13. Winter 3

Main personnel :
Max Richter – composer, mixing, producer, quotation author
André de Ridder – conductor
Daniel Hope – primary artist, violin
[solo]Raphael Alpermann – harpsichord
Konzerthaus Kammerorchester Berlin – orchestra
Alexander Kahl – cello
David Drost – cello
Nerina Mancini – cello
Ying Guo – cello
Ernst-Martin Schmidt – viola
Felix Korinth – viola
Katja Plagens – viola
Matthias Benker – viola
Alicia Lagger – violin
[first]Christoph Kulicke – violin
[first]Karoline Bestehorn – violin
[first]Sayako Kusaka – violin [first], concertmaster
Cornelia Dill – violin
[second]Jana Krämer – violin
[second]Johannes Jahnel – violin
[second]Ulrike Töppen – violin
[second]Ronith Mues – harp
Georg Schwärsky – double bass
Jorge Villar Paredes – double bass
Sándor Tar – double bass



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