Till Brönner & Dieter Ilg – Nightfall (2018) © Masterworks / Sony

The album Nightfall includes songs by Leonard Cohen, the Beatles and Britney Spears, pieces by Jerome Kern, Johnny Green and Ornette Coleman, compositions by Johann Sebastian Bach and Melchior Vulpius, even a few creations of their own.

Nightfall is many things at once. It’s a début album and, at the same time, the fruit of a long and intensive collaboration between two great storytellers. It’s at once a consummation, a stocktaking and a promise for the future. It’s a resolute dismissal of entrenched prejudices and a passionate affirmation of the freedom and miracle of jazz. The organic blend of willful abandon and understatement celebrated on this album is anything but run-of-the-mill. Not least of all, the album is a refreshing counterfoil in the age of perfectionism. It projects the cathartic discovery that no matter how much one has achieved in life, it’s always worth starting from scratch, over and over again. And if proof is needed, here it is!

01. А Тhоusаnd Кissеs Dеер
02. Тhе Fifth оf Вееthоvеn
03. Nightfаll
04. Nоbоdу Еlsе Вut Ме
05. Аir
06. Sсrеаm & Shоut
07. Wеttеrstеin
08. Еlеаnоr Rigbу
09. Реng! Реng!
10. Воdу & Sоul
11. Асh, blеib mit Dеinеr Gnаdе

Dieter Ilg – Bass
Till Brönner – Trumpet, Flugelhorn





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