Baroque Music in the Czeh Lands – Thon, Foltýn, Hromádka (2005) Studio Matouš

As early as the Middle Ages, the Czech lands were a busy crossroads for musical styles, forms and motifs coming directly or indirectly from diverse geographical regions – from France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Silesia, and other countries. After 1600, the Italian influence grew more powerful, as did the Austro-German one, later on. The effect was not one-way, musicians from the Czech lands also considerably influenced music production in many European countries. These mutual influences were mostly considered beneficial and desirable, be it on the level of spreading the various compositions, or circulation of musicians and composers.

This sort of activity, however, was not related to any “national” or “Czech” qualities – the point in question was purely musical – the Czech musicians and composers were convincingly asserting themselves on the “foreign” music market. Their “Czechness” was only perceived in relation to their origins and reflected in their attributes (Padre Boemo, Il divino Boemo), it had nothing to do with a specifically Czech musical element, form or style. Quite the opposite was true – even if they had acquired their musical education “only” in the Czech lands, it had such an “international” character and standard that they could use it to advantage in all European music centres, from Madrid to Petersburg.

Sonata IV In C Major For Trumpet, Oboe And Organ
Composed By – Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber
01. Allegro
02. Recitativo
03. Allegro
04. Presto
05. Adagio
06. Allegro
07. Preludium In C Minor – Composed By – Jan Zach
08. Fuga In C Minor  – Composed By – Jan Zach

Sonata In C Major For Trumpet, Oboe And Organ
Composed By – Bohumír Finger
09. Andante
10. Adagio
11. Allegro
12. Adagio
13. Allegro

Balletti Pro Tabula (1670) For Trumpet And Organ
Composed By – Pavel Josef Vejvanovský
14. Allemande
15. Courante
16. Sarabanda
17. Canario

Opella Sexta De Tempore (1723) For Trumpet, Oboe And Organ
Composed By – Josef Antonín Plánický
18. Recitativ
19. Aria

Sonata In F Major For Oboe And Organ
Composed By – František Benda
20. Adagio
21. Allegro
22. Vivace
23. Seykorka / Titmou – Composed By – František Xaver Brixi
24. Preludium In C Major – Composed By – František Xaver Brixi

Bicinia Variorum Instrumentorum (1675) For Trumpet, Oboe And Organ
Composed By – Johann Christoph Pezelius
25. Sonatina LXVIII
26. Sonatina LXIII
27. Sonatina LXIX

Oboe – Dušan Foltýn (tracks: 1 to 6. 9 to 13, 18 to 22, 25 to 27)
Organ – Tomáš Thon (tracks: 1 to 27) – organ in the Minorite Church of the Holy Spirit in Opava
Trumpet – Pavel Hromádka (tracks: 1 to 6, 9 to 19, 25 to 27)



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