Bohemian Betyars – Utcabetyár (2013)

BB formed in 2009, Bohemian Betyars is a fiddler band with a purpose to spread the feeling of bitter revelry (an oh so Hungarian specialty) the farthest possible. Self-described as speed-folk freak-punk, their music has evolved into a new, exciting mixture – including rocking punk bouncing ska, swooping psychedelia, melodic themes all spiced up with Hungarian, Balkanic and Gipsy elements.

From the Baltic Sea to the Atlantic Ocean, in the last couple of years this real power boost band made the audience dance about a thousand times. Be it on the street, at a club or a festival, the catchy tunes of Bohemian Betyars will yank you out of the mundane weekdays and throw you into the deep waters of delirium, just as it was planned to happen.

People practising an unconventional lifestyle, living with lightsome and unwaried optimism; careless about social norms, cheerful.

Outlawed highwaymen in the 18-19th century; later legendary figures in the public mind, fighting for social justice; today young striplings, taking their own way.

01 – Megjöttek a fiúk
02 – Hegedű, bor, pálinka
03 – Bohém cirkusz
04 – Dry or Sweet
05 – Szembogár
06 – Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite
07 – Ámok
08 – Betekintő
09 – Lazítós
10 – Helynekem
11 – Flying Down
12 – 200 Bpm
13 – Mig elfelejted

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