The Bill Evans Trio – The Classic Trio 1959-1961 (2018) • Acrobat [2CD]

If the trio of Bill Evans/p, Scot LaFaro/b and Paul Motian/dr aren’t the “best” trio in the history of jazz, they at least have to be the most influential. LaFaro’s use of the bass freed up the rhythm and melody to a point that allowed Bill Evans to do harmonic explorations that were barely even dreamed of before. And, with Paul Motian’s sublimely pulsated drum and cymbal work, the team created symbiotic conversations that simply defined modal/post bop jazz. This two disc set brings together material from their two studio albums, Portrait in Jazz and Explorations, as well as their legendary June 1961 recordings from the Village Vanguard. If you don’t already have these recordings, or have never heard of them, here is the place to start.

Disc 1
01-Come Rain or Come Shine
02-Autum Leaves
04-When I fall in Love
05-Peri’s Scope
06-What is this thing called Love
07-Someday my Prince will come
08-Blue in Green
10-Haunted Feart
11-Beautifull Love
14-How Deep is the Ocean
15-Sweet and Lovely

Disc 2
01-Gloria’s Step
02-My Man’s gonne Now
04-All of You
05-Jade Visions
06-My Foolish Heart
07-Waltz for Debby
08-Detour Ahead
09-My Romance (Take 1)
10-Some Other Time

*This is a compilation from Previous Albums:
“Portrait in Jazz” (1959)
“Explorations” (1961)
“Sunday at the Village Vanguard” (1961)
“Waltz for Debby” (1961)

Bill Evans – Piano
Scott LaFaro – Bass
Paul Motian – Drums



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