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When indigenous shamans connect to the spirit world, they don’t sit still and let their mind wander—they dance with the spirits and let their power animals dance through them. Today, ecstatic dancers and shamanic practitioners speak of being “transported” by music, carried away in body and soul to an expanded state of being. On Shamanic Trance Dance, world-class trance percussionist and shamanic practitioner Byron Metcalf masterfully blends timeless indigenous sounds of drums, percussion and didgeridoo with driving trance rhythms and foundational electro grooves. The result is an organic sound tapestry that impels you to move—freeing the mind, energizing the body, and opening your spirit to inspiration.

Byron is joined by supporting musicians from Australia, Peru, Germany, Arizona and Colorado. The result is a truly unique synthesis of the primordial and contemporary rhythms and sounds of trance, ritual dance and transformation – authentically informed with shamanic wisdom and practice by all of those involved in Shamanic Trance Dance.

The six tracks on Shamanic Trance Dance invite the listener and the dancer to explore the various landscapes of the shamanic world in a personal and experiential way. Dance and merge with your own inner-wisdom and animal spirits; travel through your inner and outer realities from a totally embodied perspective; play with the rhythms of your breath and body; confront and transcend blocks and barriers that inhibit and stifle your growth and creative energies.

01. True Ground
Overtone Voice – Mark Seelig
Synthesizer, Sounds [Icaro], Chanter [Medicine Chants] – Fred Clark
02. Portals of Power
Synthesizer, Sounds [Atmospheric Drones And Ambient Textures] – Don Peyote
03. Remember to Breathe
Sounds [Hybrid Electro-Grooves] – Will Merkle
04. Spirits of the Roadman
Synthesizer, Sounds [Atmospheric Drones And Ambient Textures] – Don Peyote
05. Serpent Weaver
Overtone Voice – Mark Seelig
06. Breaking Through
Overtone Voice – Mark Seelig
Synthesizer, Chanter [Medicine Chant], Ocarina – Chris O’Brien




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