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PAUL TURNER – He has toured with Annie Lennox, recorded with the Dark Sinatras and Trioniq and, for over 10 years, he has been a bass player and composer in Jamiroquai. So it’s weird to think that Paul Turner crossed paths with the bass almost by accident: “My best friend and I aimed at forming a band and, as we needed a bass player, I took that position” he tells us “I did my first pro gigs when I was 15 and as I grew up in busy tourist spot (Sunderland, England) I worked numerous nights, every week in different styles”.

That’s why his resume seems to have a little bit of everything, from pop music to alternative, funk to rock. He confirms his varied musical taste: “I love variety of music and situations, it keeps it real”, even though his own life story has influenced him, “I never tire of classic funk/soul/jazz and I started playing during the disco era, but I was also influenced by a lot of late 60s and 70s rock and even the energy and spirit of punk”.

01. Difficult
02. I Could Be the One for You
03. Peanut Cookies
04. I Want It All
05. Good Loving
06. Antibes

Paul Turner – Bass
Rob Harris – Guitar
Iwan VanHetten – keyboards / trumpet



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