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Some very good Southern rock, combined with heavy metal instead of hard rock as was the norm of the 80’s.

Ohio based band Ball & Chain is the end product of core and founding members: Charlie Saltkield/vocals, Rick Cruse/guitar and Bob Osborne/guitar. Three seasoned players from Southern Ohio who have been playing together over the years in various rock bands. Once, even as a power trio with Rick on bass, Bob O on guitar and Charlie on vocals. Around four years ago, the three got together to do an album of original material simply for the soul purpose of having one completely professional, polished studio recording of 10 songs done in their own trademark way: Powerful, guitar oriented rock with a penchant for controlled chaos! With the addition of two other well respected ( not to mention killer players) completing the band, Steve Withrow/bass and Mark LeMaster/drums, Ball & Chain were ready. Opting for a different approach to the concept of their album, they embraced their Appalachian heritage. Instead of the usual straight forward hard rock album, they went with something they were always surrounded by and raised with. What B&C ended up with was an honest homage to their influences. An album hard to place in a single genre. But unmistakably Hard Rockin’ with a taste of Appalachian Rudeness.

01 – Redneck Metalhead
02 – Ball & Chain
03 – I Just Feel Mean Today
04 – Dungeon Queen
05 – Call Of The Wild
06 – The Appalachian Hammer
07 – Pray For Me
08 – Done Me Wrong
09 – Now He Cries
10 – Friends Like These

Charlie Saltkield – Vocals
Rick Cruse – Guitars
Bob Osborne – Guitars
Steve Withrow – Bass
Mark LeMaster – Drums




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