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Mindig is érdekelt, hogy hogyan látnak minket a külföldiek. Itt egy angol kiadó próbálja a világ tudtára adni, milyen is a magyar(+roma/cigány) néplélek.

When most people think of Hungarian music, they think of candle-lit cafés, chicken paprikas and cabbage rolls, pálinka (fruit brandy usually of plums) and a trio of musicians coming to their table playing syrupy violin music just for them. The Rough Guide to the Music of Hungary does include a track of this particular kind of music, but it is by no means the only kind of music one would hear in a culturally rich country such as Hungary and from the Hungarian population in Transylvania, Romania and from the csango Hungarians in Gyimes and Moldva.

The twenty-first century has brought exciting and inspiring times for Hungarian music. Masters and students alike experiment freely and confidently with tradition. This Rough Guide traces out a journey via the sounds of Hungarian, Gypsy and Jewish tunes from the Carpathian Basin.

Folk music has long been a common inspiration, a practice inherited from the nation’s great composers, such as Franz Liszt and Zoltán Kodály, who weaved traditional music into their grand symphonies and sonatas. Fittingly the album opens with a track by dazzling fiddler and violist Róbert Lakatos. Here he plays folk songs from Transylvania, originally collected and used in other pieces by Béla Bartók a hundred years ago. Other appearances include those by the exquisite vocalist Beáta Palya, who expanded her knowledge of Eastern European folklore by studying Indian and Persian traditions in France.

Another young singer Ági Szalóki explores the live aspect of folk tradition with one of her wonderfully creative arrangements, ‘Elementem A Piacara’. The cimbalom, a traditional hammered dulcimer, has achieved international recognition thanks to players such as Kálmán Balogh, heard here on the track, ‘Keserédes Kávé’ (‘Bittersweet Coffee’).

A fantastic bonus album is provided by up and coming band, Tárkány-Művek who fuse together the raw energy of traditional Hungarian folk, the intellectual rigour of classical music, and the spiritual depth of avant garde jazz and poety together into one fabulous mix.

CD 1
01. Lakatos Róbert és a Rév – Erdélyes (Transylvanian)
02. Beáta Palya – Ágról-Ágra (From Branch to Branch)
03. Kerekes Band – Csángó boogie
04. Kálmán Balogh & The Gipsy Cimbalom Band – Keserédes kávé (Bittersweet Coffee)
05. Söndörgő & Ferus Mustafov – Kisacko kolo
06. Béla Lakatos & The Gypsy Youth Project – Puter mama (Mother Open)
07. Di Naye Kapelye & The Técsői Banda – Baj van Medley
08. Csürrentő – Süss fel nap (Come Out, Sun!)
09. Ági Szalóki – Elmentem a piacra
10. Hungarian Hurdy-Gurdy Orchestra – Mikor kend és Pista bátyám
11. Szalonna and His Band with Ágnes Herczku – Hegedűt a kezibe (The Fiddle in His Hand)
12. Szilvia Bognár – A szeretet próbája (A Test of True Love)
13. Parno Graszt – Rávágok a zongorára (Hit the Piano)
14. Buda Folk Band – Kurucz mahala
15. Csík Band & András Lovasi – Csillag vagy fecske (Star or Swallow)
16. Prímás Parade – Mega a nap lefelé (Now the Sun Starts to Sink)
17. Mitsoura – Kelushka

CD 2 Bonus Disc – Introducing Tárkány Művek
01. Csípd + (Bite It)
02. A pünkösdi rózsa (The Pentecostal Rose)
03. Hess páva (Hush Peacock)
04. Semmi sem hasonlít hozzád (Nothing Compares to You)
05. Még a fák is sírnak (The Trees Still Cry)
06. Őszi vázlat (Autumn Sketch)
07. Úgy szeretlek (So Much I Love You)
08. Csiririp (Chee – ree – reep)
09. Csak egyszer voltam boldog (Once in My Life I Was Happy)
10. Nyisd ki babám (Open Up Baby)
11. Nehéz nap véget ér




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