Gas Mask – Their First Album (1970/2019) Tonsil Records

Signed to the small New York Tonsil label, the band’s 1970 debut “Their First Album” teamed them with producer Teo Macero. Musically the comparison with BS&T simply couldn’t be missed. Backed by a BS&T-styled “Jazz-Rock-Fusion” merged the stylings of rock, pop and R&B/soul and horn section (Richard Grando, David Gross and Enrico Raja), singer Bobby Osborne’s growl came off as little more than a David Clayton-Thomas wannabe. With Olivia responsible for the majority of the material (Gross contributing two selections), tracks such as ‘If You Just Think of Me’, ‘Light the Road’ and ‘Just Like That’ weren’t bad (particularly if you liked early BS&T).

01. If You Just Think Of Me 4:17
02. Light The Road 2:45
03. The Immigrant 5:43
04. Just Like That 4:40
05. Thank You My Dear 3:53
06. I’ll Go Blind 4:53
07. The I Ching Thing 5:40
08. Watch Myself Grow Tall 3:28
09. Nothing To Go Today 3:24
10. Young Man 4:10

Bobby Osborne — vocals
Bill Davidson — lead guitar
Ray Brooks — bass
Nick Olivia — keyboards
Richard Grando — reeds
David Gross — saxophone
Enrico Rava — trumpet
James Strassburg — drums, percussion


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