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The Flower Kings are a Swedish progressive rock band formed in 1994 by guitarist and singer-songwriter Roine Stolt. The group began as Stolt’s touring band to support his third solo album The Flower King. They continued performing after the tour and have gone on to become one of the most prolific studio recording units in progressive rock, having released nearly twenty hours of music spread across twelve studio albums. Their music is similar to early symphonic progressive rock groups such as Yes, marked by sharp dynamic changes, polyrhythms, heavy bass, vocal harmonies, abstract and occasionally nonsensical lyrics, and extended song lengths.

A The Flower Kings egy svéd könnyűzenei együttes. Stílusuk progresszív rock, zenéjükben a Yes, a Pink Floyd, a Genesis és a King Crimson hatása számottevő.

01. House of Cards (1:56)
02. Black Flag (7:40)
03. Miracles for America (Edit) (9:57)
04. Vertigo (9:59)
05. The Bridge (5:31)
06. Ascending to the Stars (5:41)
07. Wicked Old Symphony (5:47)
08. The Rebel Circus (5:50)
09. Sleep With the Enemy (6:02)
10. The Crowning of Greed (4:49)

01. House Of Cards Reprise (1:21)
02. Spirals (5:06)
03. Steampunk (6:31)
04. We Were Always Here (7:35)
05. Busking at Brobank (0:52)

Roine Stolt – electric & acoustic guitars, keyboards, lead vocals
Jonas Reingold – bass, fretless bass
Hasse Froberg – lead & backing vocals
Zach Kamins (An Endless Sporadic) – guitar, keyboards
Mirko DeMaio (Mind Key) – drums, percussion
Michael Stolt – bass, vocals
John “Zach” Dellinger – viola
Paul Cartwright – violin


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