VA – The Keynote Jazz Collection 1941-1947 [9 of 11 CD BoxSet] (2013) Fresh Sound

Back in 1940, Keynote Recordings Inc. was a new, small and independent New York company with offices at 522 Fifth Ave., recently founded by Eric Bernay, the owner of a midtown Manhattan record store called The Music Room. Bernay was musically openminded and, looking for a place in the increasingly convulsed American record industry, he launched a catalog of varied music and performers.

The nature of Keynotes early releases stopped them reaching a broader market, but at the end of 1943 he took a decision that, for a while, helped move his business in the right direction: Keynote turned to jazz and for the following three and a half years built up a large 78 rpm record catalog of 10 and 12-inch albums which contributed greatly to documenting the jazz history of forties America.

Responsible for this impressive venture was an unlikely figure; a Javanese fan called Harry Lim. During this relatively short period he used his deep knowledge and great contacts to record some of the most celebrated jazz soloists and outstanding newcomers on the New York, Chicago and Los Angeles jazz scenesdiscs that rapidly became collectors items. This box set is a homage to Harry Lim, who made Keynote the legendary jazz label it is today.


The Keynote Jazz Collection Vol. 9, 1946

01 – Babe Russin Quintet: Easy To Love
02 – Babe Russin Quintet: 5054 Whitsett
03 – Herbie Haymer’s Orchestra: I Saw Stars
04 – Herbie Haymer’s Orchestra: Sweet And Lovely
05 – Herbie Haymer’s Orchestra: China Boy
06 – Clyde Hurley and His Orchestra: I’ve Got A Feeling I’m Falling
07 – Clyde Hurley and His Orchestra: Dancing On The Ceiling
08 – Clyde Hurley and His Orchestra: Out Of Nowhere
09 – Clyde Hurley and His Orchestra: On The Trail
10 – Arnold Ross Quintet: The Moon Is Low
11 – Arnold Ross Quintet: Stairway To The Stars
12 – Arnold Ross Quintet: Bye Bye Blues
13 – Arnold Ross Quintet: I Don’t Know Why I Love You Like I Do
14 – Juan Tizol and His Orchestra: Keb-Lah
15 – Juan Tizol and His Orchestra: The Sphinx
16 – Juan Tizol and His Orchestra: Zanzibar
17 – Juan Tizol and His Orchestra: You Can’t Have Your Cake And Eat It
18 – Benny Carter Quintet: Moonglow
19 – Benny Carter Quintet: Give Me Something To Remember You By
20 – Benny Carter Quintet: Lady Be Good
21 – Benny Carter Quintet: Deep Purple
22 – Marie Bryant: Blue Skies
23 – Marie Bryant: Ice Cream Brick
24 – Bernie Leighton Quintet: Waiting For Leighton


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