John Earl Walker – Come Over Here! (2008) Walkright Records


John Earl Walker (Born in Brooklyn, New York May 13th 1951) is an American electric blues guitarist, vocalist, songwriter and producer. John Earl began playing guitar in 1964 at age thirteen. Shortly thereafter he began forming his own bands to play at local gigs in the New York City area.

At one of his first gigs playing at his uncle’s wedding at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, he met Sam Cooke who was performing in the next room and it left a huge impression on him. Around this time he started writing his own music and lyrics, a practice he continues to this day. By age fifteen John was playing professional gigs in clubs with older band mates. John cites the three Kings (BB, Albert, and Freddie) along with Chuck Berry as his biggest influences as he developed his own unique style.

During the 60’s he played with various bands and line-ups in New York including Capitol recording artists Plum Nelly who opened shows for top acts like Buddy Guy, Bo Diddley, Muddy Waters, Jimi Hendrix, Dr. John, John Mayall, Fleetwood Mac, and many other luminaries. Just two days after his twentieth birthday John Earl played at Carnegie Hall with Plum Nelly, opening for the James Gang, on May 15, 1971.

A great day for John Earl was in December 1975, when he was asked to film a pilot playing guitar with BB King for channel 9 KHJ in Los Angeles called “Backstage Pass.” Soon afterwards John Earl formed his first blues band in Los Angeles and since then has led his own bands with many different line-ups. Many of John Earl’s songs have become blues Internet classics. John Earl’s main guitar used live and on all his CDs is named Dorothy a 1959 Fender Stratocaster which he purchased in NYC in 1973 in a trade for his 1961 Strat plus $100.00 dollars. As well as performing in New York, John Earl Walker has performed at festivals in Australia and Sweden and also at the Fortieth Internationale Jazzwoche Burghausen in Germany in 2009.

Peter Harris – basszusgitár, vokál
Bobby Infante – dob
John Earl Walker – szólógitár, ének
Gene Cordew – Hammond B3 orgona (tracks 1,2,3,4,5,8,10)
Tommy Keys – zongora (tracks 6,7,9)
Slinky Tremelo – ritmusgitár
Essie The Blue Lady – vokál (track 4)


01 – Tess’s Shuffle
02 – The Showdown
03 – Come Over Here
04 – My Last Goodbye
05 – Airport Blues
06 – Backdoor Romance
07 – Please Pretty Baby
08 – The World’s A Prison
09 – Poor Boy Blues
10 – Nightwalker


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