Dervish – Playing With Fire (1995) Whirling Discs

Amikor a web elrejtett bugyraiban rábukkantam az ír népzenét játszó (természetesen ír) Dervish együttes felvételeire, nem értettem, hogy a csapat miért nincs a műfaj első vonalában,miért nem fürdik a rivaldafényben? 
Nem kellett sokáig kutakodnom a válaszért:
“In the Spring of 2012, Dervish was one of two Irish bands that canceled heavily advertised concerts in Israel citing a cultural boycott of Israel. The band’s lead vocalist, Cathy Jordan, stated “it was very naive of me to think our motives would not be misunderstood and misrepresented. So much so it started an avalanche of negativity which has made it impossible for us to make the trip regardless of our motives.” Jordan added that “Although I was aware of the concerns with our proposed visit to Israel, I wasn’t quite prepared for the extent of the venom directed at us.”[5][6][7][8] Justice Minister Alan Shatter accused the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC) of “cyberbullying” Dervish into withdrawing from the concerts. IPSG National co-ordinator Kevin Squires stated that the organization had directed its supporters to target Dervish’s website, although he denied Jordan’s claim that was any “venom” directed towards the band.”

Nem szeretem, ha a politika megpróbálja irányítani az ízlésemet, ebben sajnos már volt részem.

Nagyon jó zene, hallgassátok.

A dalok:
Written-By – Liam Kelly (tracks: 7), Michael Holmes (3) (tracks: 7), Traditional (tracks: 1 to 6, 8 to 13)
1 Buckleys Fancy, Name Unknown, Finns Reel 3:32
2 Molly And Johnny 3:41
3 Last Nights Fun 3:06
4 The Wheels Of The World 3:06
5 Maire Mor 3:32
6 I Buried My Wife And Danced On Top Of Her 4:15
7 The Hungry Rock 4:14
8 Calin Rua 4:07
9 The Ash Planet Set 3:38
10 Peigin Mo Chroi 3:39
11 The Game Of Love 3:19
12 Willie Lennox 4:40
13 Let Down The Blade 3:57

A zenészek:
Accordion – Shane Mitchell
Bouzouki, Guitar – Michael Holmes
Fiddle – Shane Mc Aleer
Flute, Whistle, Vocals – Liam Kelly
Mandola, Mandolin, Guitar, Vocals, Acoustic Bass [Bassola]– Brian Mc Donagh
Vocals, Bodhrán [Bodhran], Percussion [Bones]– Cathy Jordon


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